Candle Warmer

My mom bought me a candle warmer when they came to visit for spring break. It is quite a delight. My dad sent me a vanilla cupcake candle for Valentine's Day (we both have a fancy for Yankee candles.. we can stand in Hallmark for a good 45 minutes smelling candles). It smelled lovely, but I obviously could never light it, due to the fact that if my room catches on fire it will burn down an entire dorm. Not the best idea.
I plugged my candle warmer in and awaited the arrival of the vanilla cupcake aroma. And yesss... it smells so wonderful. Every time I come into my room it is a magical experience. I have no idea why my candle warmer gives me so much joy, but it does. However it has been getting a little too hot for my candle to handle. I came in one day and some of the wax had splattered onto my microwave and a picture frame. I finally dumped some wax into an empty water bottle, which is still chilling in my messy room like it's not an article of trash.
My candle warmer sits behind my desk on top of my microwave, which is on top of my fridge. I have quite the little setup of kitchen appliances. Anyway I stretched and put my arms back one day after completing a ridiculous paper. I perfectly stuck three of my left fingers directly into my completely liquidized candle. Up to my knuckles. I still cannot figure out why this happened. But you know what? I still love my candle warmer. And my precious little vanilla cupcake Yankee candle.


Worry Fall '08

I'm wondering if I should be worried that I'm starting to think of life through semesters. The "new year" only reminds me of August when the school year begins. Things that happened in June are remembered by "summer break". Major events I recall happening in my college career are classified under what semester and school year they occurred in. I'm wondering what life will be like when I actually have to look at a calendar and not my school schedule.

I've concluded Fall '08 to be my "worry about absolutely nothing" semester. All I did (beyond surviving music theory III) was think about the next few semesters ahead. I only have three left, will I even get a job when I graduate, oh no I actually will have to pay a huge bill when I get out of college, I wonder if I should get a part time job... blah blah blah. Guess what I did my fall semester of my junior year? Oh you know, absolutely nothing. I didn't make all my loan payments disappear. I don't have a job lined up for me when I graduate, and I have no job currently. hahaha. What a complete waste of time and drained emotions.

Before I continue on in my 6th semester and naming my 5th the "worry semester", I have decided that I will no longer carry my worries on my shoulders. I have too much work to do and too little time left at Evangel. I have things to still discover, friendships to be strengthened, new friendships to begin, and memories to be made. As much as I want to see how things turn out in the future, I won't be able to go back to this time when I am in my "future" I've been worried so much about.

My plan is to not have another worry semester... I am determined to not have another one like it because honestly, it's exhausting.


BAH.. I'm bad at this.

I've been not so awesome with blogging this semester.


one step away

I am so excited to be a part of Spence hall's discipleship program this year. It will be incredible for everyone who lives in Spence, and a growing experience for myself as a participant and a leader.

My good friend Alex is the discipleship coordinator for Spence. She has the heart for this and has really good ideas to kick off the discipleship for this year. In our first meeting today she was going over the devotional for next week, and was talking about being there for one another and not missing what opportunites that are in front of us to help another out. She told us about this picture that was taken that won the Pulitzer prize. The story is under the photograph:

How simple it is to get caught up in our own problems and trials. How easy it is to ignore the opportunities we have to help another out in their time of need. I'm finding myself getting caught up in my own dilemmas; I don't want to be so tied down to them that I miss the reason why I am here at this certain place and time. Maybe it's for something big, and maybe it's just for a small thing. Whatever it is, I want to be ready when God reveals it to me, and I want to act upon it. How foolish it would be to not take the next step in God's direction for my life because I'm too busy trying to find the answers without any help. How dumb would it be if I were asking God to use me to help another out when I'm drowning in my own sorrows about things that He has promised He'll take care of? I hope and pray that I won't be selfish in solving my own problems and taking care of my agenda when I have been placed here in this moment in time to accomplish and do what He's called me to.


YIKES I'm a junior

I'm getting ready to start my junior year of college tomorrow. I know, right? Ridiculous. I'm turning 21 in October. Insanity. When did I suddenly become this almost-adult? I'm catching myself going into panic mode about what's going to happen when I get out of school. I'm considering my first career move- I'll try out for American Idol and possibly get in the top 12. Then at least my name will be thrown out there for the world to know... there's my first 2 million right there. Also, I'm considering making a credit for all Christian colleges. It will be called "Church Reality: 101". Anyone going to school to be in the ministry who attends a church with a 500+ congregation size will be required to take this class. I've already thought of some good lessons.. like "Not all churches have snow machines", or "Most churches don't even have more than 4 secretaries", or one of my favorites, "Coffee cafes are not in every church in the world". I think these strategies may work for me.
In the meantime, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow will be the beginning of yet ANOTHER music theory class (III to be exact) and a Intro to Music Technology class. Hhhmmm...


Wow... I am bad at this

So I have managed to go through my entire summer without writing a blog. Hmm... I am cool. I'm leaving for school in 7 days. I can't even believe my summer is over. Oh well, it happens every summer. I will list my series of awesome things I have done these past few months...

1. I got a part-time job at CLA
2. I practiced playing the piano
3. Oh yea.. I sang at Carnegie Hall
4. I got a sweeeeeeeeeeeet awesomely awesome boyfriend.. his name is James Ellsworth Schambach III. He is the bomb.
5. I got to go to youth camp and help with the services
6. I went to Hershey Park
7. I sang in my good friend's wedding
8. Speaking of, I attended 3 weddings
9. I saw quite a few movies
10. I went to the beach and got sunburnt
11. I ate Rita's Italian ice and Bruster's ice cream one too many times
12. I started writing my own little life manual... for myself... I figured it'd be best to write out my own ideas and junk before I start forgetting them. It sounds rather ridiculous but it truly is a good idea
13. I didn't go shopping hardly at all. That is miraculous.
14. I am moving into a new house 3 days before I leave for college
15. I got rid of a ton of clothes
16. I realized I'm probably going into ministry... and I am pretty much ok with that
17. I learned that I need to be more patient... God's timing really is the perfect timing (whether I like it or not)
18. I'm learning to try to be a better person so I can benefit the other people that are important in my life
19. I read a couple books. And that is quite the accomplishment
20. I became cooler than I already was

Ok so I had to end my list with an even number......


Improvisations Run Rampant.

Let me tell you about Carnegie Hall.

If you love the echo your voice makes in a shower, you would love to sing in Carnegie Hall. If you love singing loudly in a gymnasium, you would love Carnegie Hall. If you think you sound cool as a singer or an instrumentalist, let me tell you... you'd sound even cooler in Carnegie Hall.

Every note, part, crescendo and decrescendo, accents and breaths were perfect when we sang in Carnegie Hall this past Monday night. When we did our sound check earlier that afternoon, half of us were on the verge of tears. I had no idea that our music could sound as beautiful as it did in that hall. I can't believe someone had the genius to make that hall with amazing acoustics. I can't believe music is as amazing as it is. God truly blessed me that night. We sang our solo performance and then we joined about 5 other choirs to sing the Braum's Requium, directed by John Rutter. I felt like I was standing in the middle of heaven, listening to the singers and the instrumentalists. It made me wonder what heaven's music will be like...

Tour was quite amazing. There were times that I was really ready to be home, but when I was saying my goodbyes to my fellow choir members Tuesday morning I realized how great tour was. I made some awesome new friends, I learned a little bit more about myself, and I was blessed by some incredible people that I stayed with during our touring.

Beyond that I really had a lot of fun. I can't even begin to tell you all of the things I discovered about myself and other things, but I will list at least a few.

1. My choir director Sharon Wilkins is one of the funniest people I have ever met.. some quotes from her, ahem:
"My walls were talking all night..."
"Guys, today we need to use our music.. improvisations were running rampant during our performance today"
"Let us take you to Africa!" -she only used this once as an introduction to one of our songs
2. Yes, it is possible for a bus that you are in to break down
3. Pennsylvania is an amazing state to drive through... I already know this, but driving around in it reminded me
4. People live in the Eastern time zone and work in the Central time zone... why you would want to do this I do not know
5. Things that I would think are funny to me and Ellie are NOT funny to others...
6. Luke Salewski really thinks he's a Jew
7. New York City scares the crap out of small town people, and it is quite hysterical
8. You can get free broadway tickets in New York... I am not kidding. I saw the Little Mermaid for free. Yea. How 'bout it.
9. There are two ways to say 'tour' ... "tooer" and "tour"
10. Evangel University is the bomb
11. I don't think I could ever handle being in a long distance relationship... hahaha
12. Soulja Boy's new song title "Girl You Stank Take a Bath" is now a common phrase of mine
13. Classical music is seriously amazing... call me a music nerd I DO NOT CARE
14. I didn't know some asthma inhalers resemble a breast pump
15. My name is also Kristina Williams... please don't be confused if you hear anyone call me this.